ProFirst Certified Body Shop

In order to receive the ProFirst Certification, shops must have the skills, experience and reputation necessary. ProFirst Certified shops are specialized to meet the needs of every customer serviced through a commitment to ongoing education within the industry. In order to remain a ProFirst shop, the shop is inspected and approved each year by a third party to make sure that the high standards are met and repair quality does not falter.

The Training Behind a ProFirst Shop

In order to qualify for ProFirst certification, all body shops must have the skills and knowledge necessary. This means that the shop has to choose to become a Verifacts Medallion Shop, Verifacts VQ or an I-Car Gold Class Professional. Once the proper skills have been obtained, the shop is on the way to becoming a ProFirst body shop.

Training Through I-CAR

I-CAR provides extensive education for collision repair shops. Known as the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, I-CAR prepares individuals and shops in the collision repair industry with the skills necessary to repair vehicles safely. The top level achieved by shops in the I-CAR education process receive the designation of I-CAR Gold Class Professionals.

Through VeriFacts VQ, shops are held to the highest standard when it comes to repairing vehicles based on the repair guidelines of the manufacturer. Verifacts VQ is there to verify repairs, taking a careful look at specific repairs to determine if the right strategies, tools and materials are used to complete the repair. In the collision repair industry, VeriFacts is a trusted inspection resource for all body shops in the field.

Training Specific to the Honda Name

Honda technology is constantly improving. Every ProFirst shop that receives the certification must go through training specifically designed for Honda vehicles. The training is provided through I-CAR. Training is provided throughout the year and must be kept up to date in order for the shop to maintain ProFirst status.

With access to all types of information regarding Honda vehicles, service and repair, ProFirst Certified body shops are ready to handle any repair for your Honda vehicle. It doesn't matter how old your Honda is. The information to repair your vehicle safely is always available to all ProFirst Certified body shops in order for the job to be done to completion.

The Tools of a ProFirst Shop

Specialized tools are often needed to manage the specific repairs of vehicles using lightweight materials or specialized designs to improve fuel economy. Each ProFirst Certified shop must meet the industry standard and have all the tools and equipment needed for repairs to your Honda vehicle. No matter how new your vehicle is, the repair will be done correctly.

The Environment of the ProFirst Certified Shop

In order to achieve the ProFirst certification, the shop must be clean at all times and the environment must meet high standards. This means that the shop has to look professional and have both an exterior and interior that are well-maintained.

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

The need for high-quality customer service is yet another aspect of the certification process ProFirst shops must go through. The shop must have a system in place to survey customers, and the shop must be committed to managing customer feedback with customer satisfaction in the forefront.

American Honda Inspects Each Certified Shop Annually

Using a neutral party, Honda has each ProFirst Certified shop inspected each year. The tools and equipment are inspected, the management of the shop is thoroughly investigated and the facility is inspected for overall cleanliness.


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